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Shamanic Healing is ancient work.  The Shamans teach us that a luminous energy field surrounds our body.  When this energy field reflects trauma or sickness, we are in need of healing to bring us back into balance and wellness.  As each client's needs are unique, sessions may involve the use of numerous techniques and procedures with the end goal being to support the client in their process of moving towards a beautiful state of wholeness and balance.  Some of the techniques that may be used include:


Chakra Clearing - Whether called Chakras, Energy (or chi) Centers, or Soul Centers, these areas of energetic concentration can become clogged, misaligned or stagnant with heavy energy from trauma, drama, fear or just the stresses of every-day living.  The Chakras are tested and cleared to bring them into re-alignment.  This re-alignment can bring immediate positive results.  When the Chakras are cleared it allows us to make room to create what we would like instead.

Intensive Clearing & Bringing in Light - This process is very effective for a variety of problems.  It is used to assist the client in clearing negative patterns that they just cannot seem to overcome.  It also works very well on removing energies that are non-life affirming, and will cause illness.  The process involves removing these energies from the affected chakra and then infusing it with Light.  When the obstructions are removed from our luminous energy field it clears the way for our physical, emotional and spiritual healing to take place.  This is usually the first type of Healing Session that takes place with a client.  

Extractions including removal of curses and hexes - Sometimes events or traumas in our lives can crystallize in our luminous energy field and can cause a variety of problems.  Negative energy that we create in our own lives, or that is created by someone else that we come in contact with, can take on a life of it's own and impact us.  This dense energy is removed and discarded and The Light of the Sacred is used to heal the affected area.  Sometimes, someone's spirit does not make the journey after death.  That spirit can attach to your energy body.  The spirit is removed, and sent to The Light, so that the client and the spirit can receive healing.

Soul Retrieval - Soul Retrieval is the process of retrieving parts of ourselves that we have lost due to trauma or abuse.  The Shaman journeys on behalf of the client to retrieve the missing soul parts.  These parts are then reintegrated into the client.  During this process the Shaman may also renegotiate sacred contracts made by the client that are unreasonable or not beneficial.  Processing is then done to allow the client to understand the circumstances of the soul loss.  Prior to doing a Soul Retrieval the client will have received an Intensive Clearing in a previous session.

"Bringing the Jaguar Down From the Tree" -  This technique assists in balancing your adrenal pulse with the "earth pulse".  The "earth pulse" is the pulse at which the earth resonates.  It is known as the Schumann Resonance, and is approximately 8 beats per minute.  When your adrenal pulse is slowed down to match the earth pulse it works towards balancing your adrenals, and bringing you "back down to earth", out of the tree, so to speak.  When our system is in a constant state of adrenal imbalance (fight or flight), it is difficult to achieve the healing that we desire.

Resetting our fight-or-flight response can help us work towards  relieving the devastating physiological effects of stress. Bringing the Jaguar Down From The Tree may accomplish this.

Private Journey Work - In addition to Shamanic Journeying Workshops and Classes for groups, we are available to assist those who wish for a private session with the goal being to assist the client in preparing for and embarking upon a shamanic journey. 

Death Rites and Dying Consciously - Both Ginger and Dale are Ordained Ministers and are available to assist the person who has, or is preparing to transition, as well as the family.  One of the greatest gifts that can be given to someone is the ability to face death without fear...fear of leaving unfinished business or fear of just leaving.  Our goal is to be of assistance, and to hold space, so that the passing of a loved one can be smooth and meaningful.  We feel it is the greatest of honors to be of assistance in whatever way is needed during this very special time.

Spiritual Clearing of Homes, Businesses and Land - As with all of the work we do, this work can be done either in person or on the phone.  Often intrusive and heavy energies can have a profound, negative effect upon those abiding in, or doing  business, in these spaces.  The removal of these energies and installation of protective systems can dramatically improve the quality of life/work for all who are affected.

Group and Private Ceremony - Ceremony and Ritual have always served as a way to honor The Divine, ourselves, each other, the changing of the seasons and the moon, to honor and celebrate various rites of passage as well as other events important to an individual or a group.  Throughout the ages, in every tradition, we have sought this connection by coming together to perform Ceremony.

Despacho Ceremony - A despacho (ritualistic burnable offering) is prepared and offered, to Mother Earth, and the Spirits, to give thanks and establish "ayni" (right relationship with all that is).  Despachos can be done for a variety of reasons including: establishing right relationship in any area of life (relationships, to bring abundance, honor a birth or a passing, honor a home, business or a property, etc.), as a protection, or simply to give thanks and honor all of life.  When doing a despacho, we prepare it together and then offer it in a sacred fire ceremony.  It is a beautiful process, which can be done with a group or an individual.  

This work is done from a place of non-judgement. 

Healing is the objective and is accomplished from a place of love and light 






Appointments - Healing Sessions usually last about 60 - 90 minutes.  At this time, due to covid concerns, we are doing all sessions remotely (by phone).  The fee for each session is $80.00 an hour.  Payment can be made by check (address below), money order or Pay Pal (for PayPal - see page "Pay for Shamanic Service").

To schedule an appointment contact Ginger or Dale by phone at: 719-539-5370 or you may send an email requesting that we contact you to set up an appointment..

If mailing a check the address is: 

Ginger Lee

137 Swissvale Rd.

Salida, CO.   81201


Each issue presented for healing is multidimensional and multi-layered, and may require more then one appointment, using a variety of processes and techniques for healing and resolution. Energy healing can be done in conjunction with traditional or alternative medical treatments, and clients currently under a physician's care are encouraged to continue working with their doctor.