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About Ginger and Dale




Ginger Lee is an initiated Kuraq Akulleq (4th Level Shaman Priest and Wisdomkeeper) in the Inca Tradition of the Andes.  She works with both the right side (Ordinary World) and the left side (World of Magic) of the Peruvian Mesa.  She has been doing energetic healing work for the past 20 years.  She has studied and worked with a number of teachers in several different healing modalities.  Through her unique combination of skill and expertise, and her understanding and sensitivity to the human energy field, she is able to assist each client as they journey towards wholeness and balance.  During a session, she assists and holds space that allows the client to work through and release energies that are no longer needed.  Often this includes the retrieval and integration of soul aspects that have fled due to trauma and may have been held separate for many years or even lifetimes.  Retrieving these soul parts, and assisting the client in reintegrating them, assists the client in coming back into wholeness and balance.   This work is done from a place of non-judgment.  Healing is the objective and is accomplished from a place of love and light.

Ginger resides with her partner, Dale Lee, in Salida, Colorado.  She is available to work with clients either in person or by phone.  She teaches Shamanic Workshops (Medicine Wheel as well as Advanced Workshops) and Journey Groups in Swissvale (just outside of Salida, CO.) as well as in the Denver area.  Ginger is committed to holding space for all of those desiring to work towards healing and balance in their lives.  This work involves the use of a wide variety of Shamanic Techniques including: Chakra Clearings, Illumination, Extractions including the removal of curses & hexes, Soul Retrieval, Private Journey Work & Ceremony, Death Rites & Dying Consciously and Spiritual Clearing of Homes, Businesses and Land.

Her goal is to hold space for, and to assist, all who wish to step forward and embrace the Light and Beauty that we each are. 




Dale Lee is also an initiated Kuraq Akulleq (4th Level Shaman Priest and Wisdomkeeper) in the Inca Tradition of the Andes.  He has studied within a number of healing modalities for the past decade.  He and his partner, Ginger,  teach Shamanic Workshops and Journey Groups and conduct Ceremony.  He works with clients, both in person and on the phone.   He does a shamanic technique called "Bringing the Jaguar Down From the Tree".  This powerful technique works with the client's adrenal system to reset the fight-or-flight response mechanism.  When the adrenals are reset, this provides a balancing, that allows the person to relax, and work towards recovering from stress.  Many of us have been living our lives with our adrenal system in overdrive.  This powerful technique works with the client's adrenal system to balance and reset it, thus allowing the jaguar (client) to come-down from the tree.  Abnormal function of the adrenal system has been correlated with many different physical ailments, including inflammatory diseases and compromised immune function.  Most animals have systems that allow them to shake off the fight-or-flight response as soon as danger has passed.  Due to our lifestyle, and coping mechanisms, humans seem to have lost much of this ability.


Dale is available to "Bring the Jaguar Down From the Tree", Spiritual Clearings of Homes, Businesses and Land as well as  Energetic Clearing Sessions either by phone or in person.